VIB Trading

VIB Trading specializes in business to business trading of nutrition goods between Western Europe and China (including Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau).

It is our goal to buy and deliver high quality food and beverages as fast as possible. When you sell to us we will pick up the goods wherever your warehouse is located. We are quick decision makers. However the goods will always be inspected before loading and shipping out. When you buy from us we deliver the goods wherever you like under the conditions we agreed upon. We will always deliver high quality which you can trespass to your customers as well.

The products we focus on are:

trading powdered-milk

Infant milk formulas

trading chocolate


 trading liquor


There are many differences between European and the Chinese market. Not only the local regulations, but they have totally different ways of life. Both markets with all their specific legal complexities and cultural characteristics are our focus to provide your business with perfectly matching nutritional products.

When it comes to trading nutrition goods it is all about reliability, quality and speed. Our long history in establishing political and financial relationships is an important part of our services. Our knowhow of the infrastructure in China and Europe is important
as well.

The export of infant milk formulas, chocolate and liquor has our main focus. We understand the risks of trading infant nutrition. Only the deepest knowledge and expertise is good enough to secure the health of babies all over the world. We know the regulatory systems in Western Europe and China according composition and labeling.
vibtrading trading services

Experience & Knowledge

Many working years in trading in Western Europe and Asia.


vibtrading trading western europe and asia

Building Relationships

We believe that true long term relationships and trust form the basis of every business and they are the absolute core of our way of working.


vibtrading long term trading relationships


VIB Trading only works with high quality foods that are worth your business and customers.

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